The University rector sponsors the opening of the Awareness Program on the effects of drugs and smoking

His excellency the university rector Prof. Falleh bin Rajallah Al Solami sponsored the activities of the Cultural Awareness program on the effects of  drugs and smoking on the 11th of Rabie Al Alwal 1440Ah  organized by the student affair deanship represented by the awareness and consultation center in collaboration with a number of entities in the university main campus in Greger.

On his arrival the university rector was briefed on the program site and the wings  participating in the exhibition, which were 11 wings that included Ibn Rashid optical wing,  Poison Control and Chemistry Center, the Ministry of Health's Anti-Smoking Program, the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, health affairs in Asir, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry.

In the beginning of the  ceremony, the rector welcomed the attendance and participants,he expressed his appreciation towards the efforts that have put this program together to raise awareness and educate students and members of society as well as university members. 

Al Solami confirmed in his speech the dangers of such substances on the lives of young people, there for this cause is of great interest to him, pointing out that the university has recently adopted the first strategic anti-drug plan in the Kingdom, which is followed and supervised by Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy Governor of Asir region, and has set the blue print for the strategic plan to achieve the programs goal, he finally thanked the all those who worked towards the establishment and success of the activities of this program. 

On his part the cultural awareness center supervisor Dr. Khudran Al-Sahimi, welcomed  university rector , attendees and participating entities, he stressed that the center is keen to hold this program to spread the awareness and culture of the health and social dangers of drug use in our society, he then briefed the attendees on the centers services and programs for the prevention of drug use in our society. 

The activities of the program also included an  awareness meeting on the effects of smoking and drugs, where the supervisor of education Mr. Ahmed Badawi, and Dr. Hassan Al-Qahtani, a member of the Department of Drug Control in Asir Region, where they discussed the effects of smoking and drugs and ways of prevention, the meeting displayed figures and statistics on the causes and loses from drug uses.

The audience were also briefed on the most important services and functions provided by the  university cultural and awareness center in a film  that presented the centers  goals, mission, vision and popular events. The program also included a play entitled “ determine your location” by the theater club students where they discussed the dangers and consequences of drug uses. 

In the  end of the program,  His Excellency the university rector honored the participating bodies and entities that contributed in the event . 


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