Student rights and duties

Student rights and duties

Student Rights:

Calculated cumulative average (5), and are concerned about your high school average in the first levels; it helps you keep it in the advanced levels.

 Your average increase of about 4.5 will get a reward outstanding student end of the semester, and when you graduate you get the honors.

 When it is your average 2 of 5; the first warning will be given, and in the event of continued warning two consecutive days; will be folded Qiedk from the university.

 It is taken attendance for each lecture, and in the event of your absence ratio exceeded 25%; will deny entry to the ultimate test.

 Differentiate you from the school you can get rewards in kind; and participation in training courses, and foreign trips, and international seminars.


Participation in student activities:

The college offers students services that will create an academic atmosphere appropriate, and raises a number of diverse quarterly programs and activities aimed at activating the culture of the students, and the expansion of Madarkhn, and help them to collect the knowledge and expertise beneficial, and Taudhn on social participation, and emphasizes Antmehnaly their homeland and the Islamic nation, and give them the opportunity to perform activities compatible with Meulhn and Moahbhthn, and Tksabhn many diverse skills and positive values ​​of sound in light of the university systems and regulations, and to identify Alyaloncth and clubs you can visit the college student activities location Click here.

It specializes Deanship of Student Affairs to provide services for the students of the university, including:

 Provide activities and programs diverse student that will allow them the opportunity to knowledge, experience and skills to participate actively within and outside the university collection.

 Provision of adequate housing for students in accordance with the regulations for it.

 Provide student services and the conversion of hospitals and the Department of Medical Services University, and receiving the medical reports and transmit them to the colleges.

 Granting of Saudi students to reduce domestic travel tickets

 Address government agencies on matters of students.


 Providing meals discount for students at the university restaurants, and supervise the delivery of food services at the University of occasions and celebrations; as well as during official meetings, and others.

 Providing social care for needy students through student fund.

 To participate with the rest of the units of the University in raising awareness and public services and tourism development programs in the region.


Electronic services:

Provide overall management of information technology many of their students' e-services; collaboration with various authorities university, EMWIS university site directly through the portal Among the most prominent of services provided to new students


- Portal myKKU

Portal benefit the student in an attempt to save time and effort, and the speed of access, and by collecting and classifying e-services in one package, ensures browsed in record time.


- Apply myKKU

Is an application that provides services to all intelligent devices and systems to enter a uniform, and is designed to offer myKKU gateway services, in addition to the services offered by the university accessible to everyone, the application is granted access to services through a single sign.


- Learning Management System (Blackboard)

Learning Management System (Blackboard) is the first step to discover new educational your world, and start racing to learn, communicate and interact. It is a system helps a faculty member in the provision of educational content featured achieve the goals of the educational process, and helps the student to learn different and fun ways.


- Academically

Date gate and include a number of sub-services such as: conversion degree, request an ATM card, a group of academic movements such as changing the type of study, changing service specialization, and finally request the withdrawal from the university service. And can the beneficiary (student) to take advantage of all the services; and through a single sign-on SSO, and integration with other university systems.


- Virtual Classroom System:

System allows you as a member of the teaching staff give a lecture remotely or meet Btalabk remotely in a panel discussion at any time and from anywhere through the virtual classroom, which gives you multiple views of your lecture, and a set of tools to interact and communicate with students, in addition to the management and control tools in the virtual classroom session.