Vision and Message and Objectives


The program seeks to achieve locally and regionally excellence in the preparation of specialists in the special education field, depending on the quality and accreditation based on international criterion in this field.



Preparing special education teacher and improving knowledge, skills and attitudes that qualify teacher to work in special education institutions and the various programs of integration with high efficiency to achieve a comprehensive quality standards to meet the needs and goals of the community in this area.



Preparing specialists teachers in special education field to meet Saudi society’s needs of special education teachers at the elementary level.

Providing students with a scientific base and extensive knowledge in the branches of educational General of special education, specifically enabling them how to deal with people with special needs categories, both in special education institutions, or merging organizations.

Prepare students academically in the field of special education, in order to help them familiarity with all types of disabilities and methods of assessment, diagnosis and early intervention.

Developing of students' abilities to use the standards and tools inhalers on the Saudi environment for the diagnosis and assessment of people with special needs