Kindergarten and Nursery

Kindergarten and Nursery

The developing of the educational system and upgrading its efficiency is one of the most important  concerns to the nation because of its great role in the advancement and progress of society to deal with  the rapid changes and developments. The  kindergarten stage is a very important stage to grow up the future generation .It  provides continuous experience of valuable knowledge and scientific skills to benefit the mental , physical and health development of the child through his free activity and away from the complexity of rigid approaches; and that stems from kindergarten overall goal to build the child different aspects (Physical, social, motor, mental and psychological) .Also, it  prepares children for school enrollment. Moreover, it enhances other goals such as sensory and motor goals, social goals, emotional goals, mental goals, and language objectives. In order to achieve the previous goals effectively, the Nour Al-Huda Kindergarten had to enter the project of applying educational quality standards, and  multiple intelligences approaches, which are considered as the latest findings of the educational researches  in raising  the child during  the kindergarten stage

In conclusion, it is necessary to focus on the role of the family as an active partner in supporting efforts to nourish the future generation.


Kindergarten and nursery fees

Faculty member: (400) riyals per month

Employee: (250) riyals per month

Student: (100) riyals per month

Visiting child: (10) riyals per hour