Namma Project for...


King Khalid University (KKU) represented by the General Administration of Investment is announcing the beginning of the first Namma Project for the Development of Investment Services which includes the following:

An excellent investment opportunity for professionals in constructing and operating the project of providing food services for students and staff in the KKU various colleges buildings. 

Important Note: the deadline for submitting the offers is on Tuesday 24/05/1438 AH, at 01:30pm and the bid opening is on Wednesday 25/05/1438 AH, at 10:00 am. Moreover, the offers should be submitted in a sealed envelope and stamped by the bidder.

Anyone interested in this investment opportunity can submit their offers to the KKU General Administration of Investment, Guraiger University City (Building C- Fourth floor). 

To get the bid requirements and specifications of this investment opportunity, it is available at the General Administration of Investment for 5,000 SR.